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Current and future events

Date(s) Title Speaker

Past events

Date(s) Title Speaker
24 November 2012 Inaugural Meeting of the Two:23 Network  To be announced 
15 September 2012 Service of Thanksgiving & Celebration for 25 years of Courage  Dave Tomlinson 
07 September 2012 Interview with Julia Harvey  Julia Harvey 
03 August 2012 Interview with Julia Harvey  Jeremy Marks 
06 July 2012 Brenda Harrison Memorial Lecture  Revd Sharon Fergusson 
29 June 2012 "Why I am still an Evangelical Christian"  Roy Clements 
15 June 2012  to  17 June 2012 The Guidance of the Holy Spirit  Jeremy Marks 
01 June 2012 "A different kind of fool"  Brian Longman 
11 May 2012 ‘The beginning of love ...’ Listening to LGBT Christians  Jack Dunn 
13 April 2012 What if the shoe doesn't fit?  Sharon Fergusson 
09 March 2012 Courage to face the future  Dave Tomlinson 
03 February 2012 Crossing the Rubicon  Jeremy Marks 
13 January 2012 To be announced  Revd Gareth Wardell 
16 December 2011 Christmas Special EVENT CANCELLED  Peter King 
02 December 2011 TBA  Brian Paddick 
11 November 2011 The Gay Gospels  Dr Keith Sharpe 
07 October 2011 Does God understand our feelings?  Peter King 
09 September 2011 'Out of Africa: learning through life's crises'  Lesley Bilinda 
12 August 2011 Preparing for Change  Jeremy Marks 
15 July 2011 Pilgrimage of Repentance from Homophobia  Symon Hill 
10 June 2011 "The world of normal boys"  Graham Disbrey 
13 May 2011 Soho Mass Group to join us  Joe Stanley 
15 April 2011 A Theme appropriate for Holy Week  Justin Butcher 
01 April 2011  to  03 April 2011 Set Apart: Why God Needs Gay Christians in the 21st Century Church  Justin Lee 
11 March 2011 Rejection and Forgiveness  Revd Eric Britt 
11 February 2011 The Prodigal God  Peter King 
21 January 2011 God's Call on our Lives  Jeremy Marks 
07 January 2011 An Evening of Prayer & Worship  Jeremy Marks 
17 December 2010 Christmas Special  Justin Butcher 
05 November 2010 All lust, and no love  Martin Brown 
01 October 2010 Fair Shares for All  Revd Graham Ingram 
10 September 2010  to  12 September 2010 “Go for it: Faith lessons of one of God’s mavericks”  Revd Graham Ingram 
03 September 2010 The Garden: stories of questions & answers  Kerst 
06 August 2010 Second Chance  Michael Rutland 
31 July 2010 A Day of Reflection  Brian & Sheila Longman 
02 July 2010 By their fruit you will know them  Revd Benny Hazlehurst 
04 June 2010 Q&A with Stephen Hough  Stephen Hough 
14 May 2010 Inclusive Prayer, Drama & Liturgy  Justin Butcher 
07 May 2010 NO MEETING THIS WEEK  Meeting postponed to Friday 14th May 
23 April 2010 Love Is an Orientation  Andrew Marin 
02 April 2010 Moments of Music and Meditation at the Cross  Kerst 
05 March 2010 Living Sacrifices - Total Commitment  Michael Rutland 
05 February 2010 Following Jesus: Why commitment is important  Jeremy Marks 
08 January 2010 MEETING CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW  Stephen Hough 
18 December 2009 Christmas Special CANCELLED  MEETING CANCELLED due to weather warnings 
04 December 2009 The Promised One  Dr Ron Knott 
06 November 2009 Worship Workshop  Justin Butcher 
02 October 2009 Getting out of the Ghetto  Revd Graham Ingram 
25 September 2009  to  27 September 2009 The Uniqueness of Christ  Revd Malcolm McKenzie 
04 September 2009 Homosexuality – origins, history and attempts at ‘cure’  Professor Michael King 
07 August 2009 Destined to be different  Ann Norris-McInnes 
03 July 2009 Core Values for the gay Christian  Revd Pat Aldred 
05 June 2009 The unfinished battle for gay rights  Guest Speaker 
01 May 2009 Living as Disciples of Christ (biblio-drama)  Peterson Toscano 
03 April 2009 A Service on an Easter theme  Michael Rutland 
06 March 2009 Take up your Cross  Jeremy Marks 
20 February 2009 Why Follow Jesus?  Jeremy Marks 
09 January 2009 The Challenge of the Gospel  Jeremy Marks 
19 December 2008 Courage Christmas Special  June Boyce-Tillman 
28 November 2008 NB Meeting LAST FRIDAY in November rather than first Friday in December  Michael Rutland & Paul Morley 
07 November 2008 "How to listen to the Word of God and survive the Church"  The Revd Martin Kelly 
03 October 2008 "But this I can believe . . ."  The Revd Dave Tomlinson 
12 September 2008  to  14 September 2008 Courage Retreat: From Certainty to Serenity  Revd Michael Rutland 
05 September 2008 Unconventional Wisdom  June Boyce-Tillman 
09 August 2008 Thanksgiving Service for Twenty Years of Courage  The Revd Richard Dormandy 
04 July 2008 God and Global Warming  Mark Dowd 
02 July 2008 BOOK LAUNCH for Jeremy's new book  Jeremy Marks 
06 June 2008 What is uniquely Christian? (5)  Revd Dave Tomlinson 
09 May 2008 Gay & Christian--Exploring our Roles in the World  Peterson Toscano 
01 May 2008  to  04 May 2008 The Annual Conference of the European Forum of Lesbian & Gay Christian Groups: "Under the Rainbow"  Revd Prof June Boyce-Tillman etc 
04 April 2008  to  06 April 2008 The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective  Revd Dave Tomlinson 
04 April 2008 What is Uniquely Christian? (4)  Revd Michael Rutland 
07 March 2008 What is Uniquely Christian? (3)  Archbishop Sean Larkin 
01 February 2008 What is Uniquely Christian? (2)  Revd Pat Aldred 
04 January 2008 What is uniquely Christian?  Jeremy Marks 
21 December 2007 Christmas Special  James Monger 
07 December 2007 Aspects of Forgiveness  Peter King 
17 November 2007 Enneagram Follow-up Day  Revd Dave Tomlinson 
02 November 2007 Celibacy  Guest speaker 
05 October 2007 God and Evil  Mark Dowd 
28 September 2007  to  30 September 2007 Retreat Weekend: David, a man after God's own heart  Revd Michael Rutland 
07 September 2007 Our Spiritual Journey  Jeremy Marks 
09 August 2007 Hitchhiking to Heaven  Rabbi Lionel Blue 
20 July 2007 Body Building: A Theology and Practice of Christian Edification  Rev. Pressley Sutherland and David Mac-Iyalla 
06 July 2007 A Life of Unlearning  Anthony Venn-Brown 
15 June 2007 The Power of Love (Part 2)  Alec Kemp 
01 June 2007 The elusiveness of love  Dr Roy Clements 
25 May 2007 Doin' Time with Peterson Toscano  Peterson Toscano 
18 May 2007 Our regular 3rd Friday meeting is postponed to 25th May  Meeting on 25th May instead! 
11 May 2007  to  13 May 2007 The Enneagram – A Christian Perspective  Revd Dave Tomlinson 
04 May 2007 Dealing with the New Testament Clobber Texts  James Alison 
20 April 2007 Finding Sanctuary  Courage Members evening 
06 April 2007 Good Friday Service  Revd Michael Rutland 
23 March 2007 Doing theology with our lives  Mark Dowd 
16 March 2007 An evening of Worship  Steve Abley 
02 March 2007 Finding a Second Innocence  Revd Dave Tomlinson 
23 February 2007 Inaugural Meeting of Courage Scotland  Malcolm MacKenzie & Jeremy Marks 
16 February 2007 Your Kingdom Come  Norman Barnes 
02 February 2007 Christian Discipleship  Revd Mark Davenport 
19 January 2007 Learning to Worship  Steve Abley 
05 January 2007 Where is Courage going?  Jeremy Marks 
18 December 2006 An Angel Appeared: An Evening of Carol Singing by Candlelight for All   
15 December 2006 "In the same country"  Michael Rutland 
01 December 2006 The Joy of the Lord is our Strength  Jeremy Marks 
17 November 2006 "Belonging": a study on the importance of Church (Acts 2)  Dr Roy Clements 
03 November 2006 Dealing with the Clobber Passages  James Alison 
20 October 2006 "The Way Up is the Way Down!"  Peter Wilkinson 
06 October 2006 From Power to Prison to Peace  Jonathan Aitken 
29 September 2006  to  01 October 2006 RETREAT: Practising Safer Texts  Revd Michael Rutland 
15 September 2006 Doin' Time with Peterson Toscano  Peterson Toscano 
01 September 2006 The problem of Suffering Part 2: The answer of Jesus to Job  Dr Roy Clements 
25 August 2006 THE POWER OF LOVE: God's love for us  Alec Kemp 
18 August 2006 NO MEETING THIS WEEK   
12 August 2006 Courage Garden Party   
04 August 2006 NO MEETING THIS WEEK   
21 July 2006 Who I am in Christ: Part 2  Jeremy Marks 
07 July 2006 Wrestling with the Church  John Maddern 
16 June 2006 The Problem of Suffering  Dr Roy Clements 
02 June 2006 "Are you Listening?" The problem of unanswered prayer  Revd Michael Rutland 
19 May 2006 An evening for personal testimonies  Jeremy Marks 
13 May 2006 “Against All Odds” – Managing Meaningful Christian Same-sex Relationships  Dr Andrew Yip 
05 May 2006  to  07 May 2006 The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective  The Revd Dave Tomlinson 
21 April 2006 René Girard made simple!  Revd Giles Fraser 
07 April 2006 The Atonement through the eyes of the gospel writers  Revd Ian 
17 March 2006 Contract or Covenant  Revd Giles Goddard 
03 March 2006 Who I am in Christ (Part 2)  Jeremy Marks 
17 February 2006 The Dean of Guildford takes stock!  The Very Reverend Victor Stock, Dean of Guildford Cathedral 
03 February 2006 Who I am in Christ (Part 1)  Jeremy Marks 
20 January 2006 The Fatherhood of God  Chris Moyler 
06 January 2006 The Fellowship of Gay Christians  Jeremy Marks 
16 December 2005 Courage Christmas Special  Rev Michael Rutland 
02 December 2005 The Perils of Hypocrisy  Dr Roy Clements 
18 November 2005 Subject to be announced  Revd Jeffrey Heskins 
04 November 2005 The Last Rites - The last great secret revealed!  Revd Peter Smith 
21 October 2005 What a difference a gay makes!  Rev Dave Tomlinson 
07 October 2005 Who wants to be chosen?  Christine Bailey 
23 September 2005  to  25 September 2005 From Zero to Hero  Revd Michael Rutland 
16 September 2005 Subject TBA  James Monger 
02 September 2005 What do we understand by Holy Communion  Revd Martin Kelly 
05 August 2005 What should be our attitude?  Revd Michael Rutland 
15 July 2005 How to forgive and move on  Bren Marks 
01 July 2005 Exclusion?  Revd Philip Vogel 
17 June 2005 Good as New  Revd. John Henson 
03 June 2005 Life in Love  Revd Eric Delve 
20 May 2005 An evening for sharing, worship & prayer  Brian Longman with Mike Burns 
06 May 2005 Unheard Voices  Revd Jeffrey Heskins 
30 April 2005 A Day for Married Gay Men  with Revd. John Henson & Jeremy Marks 
15 April 2005 "Weaker brothers or damnable heretics - and how to tell the difference."  Dr Roy Clements 
01 April 2005 Special Event  To be announced 
18 March 2005 The Atonement (+ special evening for women)  James Alison 
04 March 2005 A Church fit for the 21st Century  Revd Ian 
18 February 2005 Dispossessed Daughters of Eve  Brenda Harrison of Changing Attitude 
04 February 2005 The possessed sons of Adam  Revd Michael Rutland 
29 January 2005 A Day for Married Gay Men  Jeremy Marks  
21 January 2005 Prayer Evening plus special evening for women  Bren Marks 
07 January 2005 New Year: New Beginnings  Jeremy Marks 
17 December 2004 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: "I need a hero!"  Dr Roy Clements 
03 December 2004 Inclusive  Rev Giles Goddard 
20 November 2004 SINCERE LOVE: Becoming a better friend and lover with God’s help  Darren Wolf 
19 November 2004 Revelation 5  Dr Roy Clements 
12 November 2004 Especially for Married Gay Men  Jeremy Marks will lead the evening 
05 November 2004 Conflict Resolution (Nehemiah)  Rod Boreham 
15 October 2004 A Second Innocence  Revd Ian 
01 October 2004 Managing Diversity and Growing Together  Dr Andrew Yip 

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